Central AR Rental Classes by Zipcode

Here is a quick list of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Saline County zip codes , and, their respective rental real estate classifications. Please use this only as a starting point, do your own due diligence, and, know that this is really just my opinion. I will list these as a general rule of … Continued

How to Raise (and Structure) Private Lenders

I have several private lenders that I use to purchase deals. These lenders come from : extended family members, friends from church, old class mates, and even previous sellers. Before I go any further, let me put out this disclaimer: I am not an attorney nor a financial advisor. Please seek legal counsel before following … Continued

The anatomy of a wholesale transaction

Hi! This week Id like to share a little more insight on how we structure our purchases, as well as how we assign our contracts or resale the property to you. Sometimes we hold contractual interest, and we assign said contract to you as the buyer. What this means is we sign a purchase agreement … Continued

No more insurance hassles

A renewal statement comes in the mail, I open it, there is no property addresss.. just a policy number. So I pull up my laptop and find my insurance spreadsheet to figure out which property it is for… I need a quote on a potential property purchase, I call my broker, he says he’ll shop … Continued

3 consistent ways I use an attorney to add value to our business

I don’t know about you, but I have found that attorneys are powerful “tools” when used properly. I have used attorneys for contract law, business structuring, litigation, legal document preparation, SEC compliance, owner financing and notes compliance, and more. But most of these are “1 and done” things, or, are needed every now and then … Continued

Using simple formulas to make things easier

I don’t know about you, but in my business I am always using simple formulas and calculations to make decisions with. Some of them I copied from others, and some I have created myself. Often times when summing up totals, using percentages, calculating costs, etc.. , you can find a formula that works to help … Continued

Use this CFI calculation to manage your debt efficiently

When looking at your rental portfolio, or, your note portfolio (when you have underlying debt services on them) , how do you know which ones to pay off first? Balloon dates? Interest rates? Lowest ROI’s ? I use something called the Cashflow Index calculator. This takes into consideration the interest rate, but more importantly, the … Continued

The Subordination Technique (Seller Financing Series part 3)

Hey! This will be the third and final strategy I talk about regarding purchasing using seller financing techniques. This last technique I will share in this series is one of my all time favorites! I have used this strategy multiple times, and I will share it’s many advantages. ( If you haven’t seen any prior … Continued

The Seller Carry-back (Seller Financing Series – Part 1)

Welcome to my first favorite technique to use when buying with seller financing! This is the first part of a 3-part series of strategies. (You can visit the introduction to seller financing post here>> https://www.arkansaswholesalehomes.com/blog/seller-financing-series-introduction/ ) What if you could avoid high loan cost fees such as originations, appraisals, extra closing costs, etc… AND, get … Continued

How to run comps

Im not an appraiser obviously, and, Im not a broker or licensed agent … but here is the way that I run comps on a property. Here are the criteria: -Sold within the last 6 months, but preferably within the last 3 months. -Within 300 + or – square feet of subject property-Age built range: … Continued