Central AR Rental Classes by Zipcode

Here is a quick list of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Saline County zip codes , and, their respective rental real estate classifications. Please use this only as a starting point, do your own due diligence, and, know that this is really just my opinion. I will list these as a general rule of thumb… there will be exceptions in each zip .

Also another point to remember is that Little Rock can get tough. 1 zip code can have 3-4 different types of neighborhoods.

Here we go:

Saline County:
72022 – Bryant : Class A, B
72002 – Alexander: Class A, B, C (Part of this is in Pulaski)
72015 – Benton : Class A, B
72019 – Benton : Class A, B, C
72103 – Mabelvale : Class B, C
Little Rock:
72202 – Class C, D
72204 West – Class B, C
72204 East – Class C-, D
72205 – A, B
72206 – C, D
72209 – C+, D
72210 – A, B
72212 – A, B
72223 – A
72227 – A, B
North Little Rock:
72114 – C, D
72116 – A, B
72117 – C, D
72118 – C+
72076 – B, C
72120 – A, B

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3 responses to “Central AR Rental Classes by Zipcode

  1. Great list, thanks.
    Only ones I’d care enough to add would be that 72206 and 72202 have some A and B as they pass through South main, gov mansion, and Quapaw.

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