Complete these 5 steps to go from beginner to successful in Real Estate investing

If you are brand new to real estate investing, or, are experienced but perhaps find yourself a little lost , then these steps will help you. Skipping any one or doing any of them out of order may bring future regrets.

1) Get a general understanding of what all is out there. All you are wanting to accomplish here is to be introduced. Listen to podcasts and read materials to get a general understating of real estate investing 101. You are not deep diving here, you are only scratching the surface for a quick education (what is it, how does it work, what are the benefits, etc). Make a list of niches such as wholesaling, subject to investing, flipping, buy and hold, owner financing and selling with financing, multi-family, land, etc. Make sure you have learned about all of them. You only need a general understanding here and don’t get trapped into staying on this step like most people do.  **WARNING: Unfortunately most people never come out of this step because they find themselves diving deeper and deeper into particular niches, before they ever know what they even want to accomplish ,etc etc. (see step 2) . Do not do this. Get introduced and then get out ! Do this step quickly!! **ANOTHER WARNING: Prepare for your head to spin during this step

2) Choose your niche… but first…. What are your personal goals ? What are you wanting to accomplish with your life and how does your desired lifestyle look like? What are you doing with your time? Something from step 1 will stand out to you because it will match your personal goals, your experience and/or your personality and personal preference. Heres the key: You are wanting a strategy (niche, whatever you want to call it) that serves your personal life vision…. not the other way around. (most people serve their careers and then try to live in their free time). Find your match, and choose your niche . Or better yet, commit to it.

3) Get an action plan. I like courses for this, and more specifically, a course written by a reputable investor, who has done what you are wanting to do, and has an action plan built into their course. This is where you will deep dive into more education about it, BUT, you will LEARN AS YOU EARN. Does it now make sense that you can waste a lot of time on Step 1? You don’t need to know the ins and outs of every stinking strategy out there… just the one that you choose. Ask for references on social media for that specific niche, as to what course everyone likes. When asking for a recommendation tell them you want an action plan in the course. Ask them why they recommend that particular course, etc. Someone’s course will eventually stand out with the most recommendations. And by the way, once you find out the cost, do not compare it to the cost of some other course. Invest in that program . Saving $1,000 now might lose you tens of thousands later.

4) Follow the program… with Faith and to the T. Do everything it says to do. Don’t question, just do. Don’t think, just take action. You will learn as you earn. Leverage people experienced in that niche by offering to help them as you learn, etc. but do be careful here as to not allow them to steer you in a direction that you do not want to go.

5) Don’t give up . Know that the only common attribute of those that are successful is that they don’t quit. They have a desire to succeed and they have grit. Talent, skills, experience, resources, money, etc etc… these may help… but NOTHING is as important as the ability to keep going. You can have everything going for you and still be a quitter.  If you find yourself in a position wanting to quit because it doesn’t fit well with your goals, well.. you may find that didn’t follow the steps properly. As a matter of fact, if you find yourself wanting to quit, go back through these steps and they may even solidly why you made the choice to begin with… and push you through to continue going forward.

Do all of this and you will win. 

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