How to automate your leasing/selling/occupying strategies

I use different tools to build in automations and I also delegate certain tasks . One of the easiest ways to do this is to use leverage by finding someone who is good at leasing, selling, etc.. and allow them to do it. It is worth the money if you can focus on other things (such as finding more properties to buy, or managing rehabs, etc )

But sometimes it may make sense to do some automations to make things easier. There are tons of tools out there to use , and it is hard to even keep up with what all is available to choose from. Let me share a few strategies that I use to assist me with this :

* A Virtual Assistant. I have been using for quite some time, and I hire VA’s to do several different things for me. Some of these things include :

Gathering information for our due diligence, such as property details, tax amount, flood zoning, etc, etc.
Posting on our websites and creating emails for me
Posting ads online , and assisting with Facebook messages
Prescreening leads by removing opt outs, deleting unqualified ones from our system, etc etc
And more . The possibilities are endless. Go to and check it out. Let me know if you have any questions about it. When finding a good assistant, I use a few filters: a) Need a minimum of 1,000 hours worked b) English needs to be native or fluent c) Needs to have a high rating among other employers

*A CRM . I use Podio, but there are many inexpensive and even free databases softwares you can use. I like cloud based so I can access it from anywhere, including my mobile app. You can invite your VA into your system, or anyone else that you work with. You can set up automated workflows based off of a process that you have created. (for example , a new property is contracted to purchase, it hits our system, and a task is automatically generated for my VA to look up property details and start the due diligence for me) . Let me know if I can help with this for you.

*Phone and texting systems . There are a lot of VOIP phone systems that are easy to use, and you can buy multiple phone numbers for different functions. You can create a selling and a buying phone number. You can create prerecorded messages that inform your prospects to do something , or, just gives them information without you having to answer the phone all of the time. Here is an example of how we use these :

When we have a property for sale with owner financing, we put signs around that property in the neighborhood. Those numbers go straight to a voicemail recording. In that voicemail, we give all of the information about the property, beds, baths, etc… We tell them they need a substantial down payment . At the end we tell them if they have a down payment and are interested, to go drive by the house and look around the outside, through the windows, etc… Then, if they are interested they can call the phone number at the house, and that particular phone number will go straight to a live person. This way, when someone calls off of signs, we know they have already heard about the property and they have already went to it to see what it looks like. It saves us a lot of time. (this is just one example) It also stores their phone number and automatically puts them on a text list so we can blast a property out to everyone on this list. (see LiveComm below)

Text lists are a great way to market properties quickly and efficiently. We can send out questionnaires, links to webforms, specific properties ,etc.. We can send out links to our website with the property info already there for them. If you want to get on our text list for our Wholesale Homes notifications, you can call or text this number here >>> 501-222-9828

By the way, this service is called LiveComm, and I love it. If you want to check it out for yourself, I have an affiliate link here:

Well, I hope this gave you some ideas. I certainly am no expert, but I have found some ways to make my life easier, and my business run smoother. Again, let me know if you have questions or even something better that you found yourself .

As always, Happy Investing


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