Seller Financing Series Introduction

I have bought many properties using seller financing (owner financing), where my seller financed the sale to me . You can get very creative with this as long as both parties agree and it is written in the acceptance contract. Some examples would be: -No payments or interest for 60 days. (or 90 or 120, … Continued

The #1 rule in Real Estate

Whats the number 1 rule in Real Estate?  Location, location, location. WRONG!  For investors, our #1 rule is OFFERS, OFFERS, OFFERS!! As investors, our team tracks our offers (and we use a target number each week to make sure we are hitting) .  When we track our win ratio, we can then predict how many … Continued

How to raise funds for your real estate deals

Its like anything else, you gotta start somewhere 😉 . When I first starting investing, I didn’t have a lot of financial backing.  Well, I started with nothing actually.  I started wholesaling properties and I also focused on creative financing using lease options and owner financing. What made it more difficult is when I quit … Continued