The #1 rule in Real Estate

Whats the number 1 rule in Real Estate? 

Location, location, location.


For investors, our #1 rule is OFFERS, OFFERS, OFFERS!!

As investors, our team tracks our offers (and we use a target number each week to make sure we are hitting) .  When we track our win ratio, we can then predict how many offers we have to make to hit our target purchases.    Real estate investing is a game of numbers.  Offers HAS to be one of your numbers if you set any kind of goal for purchases.

How do you make more offers?

Here are some suggestions:

1) Get on every wholesalers buyers list and make offers to them .  I am myself, and even though many times their prices are way too high or it just doesn’t work out, you have to be consistent in looking at what others have for sale, and make offers on stuff.    So do this now :   Get on our email list and our text notification list so you can make offers to us.  Call or text 501-222-9828 to add yourself to our list.  Visit  to get on our email list.

2) Reach out to all of the realtors that you know or have met/spoken with.  Tell them what you are looking for and ask them if they have anything you can offer on.  Better  yet, make a task for yourself to call or text them consistently just to keep in touch.   Create a system where you are reaching out to others to build your network.

3) Make offers on the MLS and the auction sites.  Find an agent to help you do this weekly (or however often you need to to hit your offers numbers).

4) Track your offers.  Eventually you will find which sources are the most successful for you and you can focus your efforts on those.

I hope this helps ,and happy investing !


PS get on our list: 501-222-9828


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